Is your pet a fashionista like you?

Trust us, we already know your answer.

Petso Cool

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Shopping online to find the perfect outfit for your partner in crime, can be an eye-tiring process of endless product pages. Petso Cool has hand-picked selected products that are top-tier quality, top-level functionality, and trendy design just for your pup. This way you save time finding the clothes and spend more time showing them off.

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About Us

Meet Jennifer!

I have to admit, since covid, I have been all about dog fashion. After spending all the time with Pups, I knew I had to spoil them. My dogs have such wacky personalities, and I’m sure yours are no different. This is why I started Petso Cool, so that way every dog owner can find their style to show off their pet’s personality, without the headache of hours searching online to find one thing cute. 

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Shop the latest accessories to let the city know you got the cutest pooch all around.

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